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You can choose between different payment methods in our shop. Please note that shipping costs may depend on the selected payment method and certain payment methods are only available for specific shipping options. For clarification:

1. Payment in advance via bank transfer

Please transfer the total billing amount using the following bank details:

Account holder: Backmann24 GmbH
Account number: 1089037
Sort code: 610 500 00
Bank: Kreissparkasse Göppingen
IBAN: DE85 6105 0000 0001 0890 37

Please transfer the amount owed to the specified bank account in full within 5 working days of the order confirmation date. Subsequent order processing will take place once it has been confirmed that payment has been received in our account.

Caution: if payment has not been received after 10 working days, we regret the order will be cancelled automatically. 

2. PayPal payment

Quick, simple, secure payment, free of charge for you all over the world!
If you already have a PayPal account, all you need is your email address and password! Your stored bank or card details are only known to PayPal, which offers optimal protection because it avoids having to transmit this information online every time you make a purchase. This makes the process more secure for you, and it is quicker and more efficient for everyone involved. Even if you do not (yet) have a PayPal account, it is quick, easy and secure to pay using your credit card or by direct debit. For some PayPal payment methods, a check will be conducted by PayPal prior to approval, in which case we have no influence over this process. 

For your information: the payment sum is debited upon order completion when payment via PayPal is confirmed.

3. Cash payment on customer collection

Have you chosen to collect the item from us yourself? In this case, you can also choose to pay CASH on collection. Please understand that in this case, you cannot select a different payment method at the collection point.

For your information: this payment method is currently only available for orders from / to Germany.

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