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Insulated Food Container

Insulated Food Container

Insulated food containers for perfectly tempered food

When transporting food and beverages, it is crucial that they arrive perfectly tempered at their destination. With highly insulating food containers from our shop, manufactured by thermohauser, keeping food warm or cold has never been easier. Whether drinks, ice cream, cakes, cupcakes or a warm buffet or freshly cooked dishes, the insulated food containers bring any delicacies to their destination – safely and at the right temperature. Should you still be worried, we recommend a data logger to constantly control the temperatures, also to be found at backmann24. In any case, you can be sure that everything arrives well, and above all fresh, in a suitable thermobox.  Read more

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Form and function united

Most of the insulated food containers we offer are made of EPP, a material with excellent insulation, minimal tare weight and significantly more stability than polystyrene. Of course, this resistant plastic is food-safe and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. Durability and temperature stability are guaranteed! Depending on the occasion, the insulated food containers are available in various sizes and shapes, as a top or front loader and usually with a matching lid. You will find hotel pan sized boxes as well as European sized variants. Also, various specially shaped insulation boxes for trays as well as for pizza or ice cream, for smaller beer barrels and for a multi-storied wedding cakes are part of our product assortment. Boxes of the same basic shape can usually be stacked, which makes transport and storage much easier.

Thermoboxes at Backmann24

Find the right insulated food container for your requirements from our extensive range! We are happy to advise you if you are uncertain about your choice - you reach us during our business hours via telephone, e-mail or with the help of our contact form here in the online shop. We will process your order quickly so that you can use your Backmann24 products soon!