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Baking Paper

Baking Paper

Baking paper and mats for single or permanent use

Anyone who loves to bake will appreciate the advantages of coated baking paper. This practical paper makes sure that your baked sweet or savoury delicacies won’t stick on the baking tray and are easy to remove when readily baked. Greasing the tray therefore is not necessary.

The innovative baking paper from Backmann24 is suitable for professional use in the gastronomy as well as for passionate hobby bakers. Reliably they prevent grease from dripping and make sure the tray stays clean. Arduous cleaning belongs – thanks to the non-stick coating – to the past.

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Baking paper and foil – a clean solution

The baking paper from our assortment can be used for numerous baking creations. It serves as a perfect base for delicious cookies as well as for a tasty fruitcake, bread and even for a homemade pizza. The food-save baking mats are siliconized on both sides and make removing biscuits and co an easy task.

To prevent the dough while being baked from sticking and burning to the edges of the baking tray, an exact fit of the paper is essential. In order for you to choose the optimal size, we offer baking paper in various sizes.

Permanent baking mats for a long-term use

Permanent baking mats or silicone-coated mats are a hygienic and environment-friendly alternative to classical single-use baking paper since they can be used for many years. Easy to clean and to handle, these reusable baking mats also have a positive effect on your wallet. After use, simply wipe the baking mat with a damp and soft cloth, let it dry and roll it up for space-saving storing.

These permanently usable baking foils also ideally serve as a base on which to roll out dough with a dough roller. You need further tools for your baking ideas? Then look at our broad assortment of backing utensils such as dough scrapers, cake markers or dough cutters. Additionally, piping bags and many different piping nozzles are part of our wide range of baking and gastronomy supplies.