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Measuring Cups & Scoops

Measuring Cups & Scoops

Measuring cups for precise cooking and baking

For dishes to come out exactly as wished, precise preparation is crucial. Although some people trust their eye when cooking or baking, most of the hobby and professional chefs prefer to follow the recipe instructions, included precisely measuring the ingredients. For that, our measuring cups are perfectly suited. Thanks to different scales for various condiments, you can easily gauge every ingredient. From water for cooking to milk and cream for baking, there is a scale for the most common ingredients that need to be measured. This way you make sure to use the correct amounts and the recipe will turn out just perfectly.

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Measuring cups in numerous variants – for every purpose

Except for weighing scales, our various measuring cups are the best and safest method to dose ingredients precisely. In order that every cook or pastry chef will definitely find the perfect measuring vessel for his needs, Backman24 stocks a broad range of measuring cups in many different versions. With or without a lid, with open or sealed handle, for every taste and need there is certainly the right measuring cup. Depending on how much you will need to measure, the jugs are available in different sizes.

Get the perfect result thanks to measuring cups and scoops

Besides measuring cups, you find many other useful kitchen utensils such as scoops for flour or herbs. With these little kitchen helpers, measuring and decanting ingredients is very easy. Flour, sugar and other dosable condiments or products can be decanted with the help of these scoops made from food-safe plastic. Also, discover our special measuring scoops for measuring and decanting liquids.

Measuring cups and other containers at backmann24.

Containers to store, dose or fill in food, ingredients and left-overs are indispensable in any well-sorted kitchen – professional or hobby. Handy equipment like shatterproof measuring cups or scoops mustn’t be missing, when cooking or baking passionately. Apart from measuring cups our product range stocks numerous utensils and gastronomy supplies. Discover our various categories where you find bowls, strainers, storage containers and dosage aids.