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Serving Utensils & Serving Cutlery

Serving Utensils & Serving Cutlery

Serving made easy with our serving utensils

You prepared a delicious cake, lovely decorated cupcakes or a savoury snack and arranged those delicacies carefully on a serving platter to present them? Then it is even more important to have the right equipment of serving cutlery to transfer the tasty pieces from the platter to the plates. Roam through our online shop and find the right serving utensils in our broad assortment. Additionally to cake shovels we offer professional serving spoons, different tongs for pastries as well as ice-cream scoops. All products in our assortment are of high quality and durable as well as of modest elegance, to steer all focus to your culinary creations. Read more

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Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories - The App, that brings "unique cooking experiences back to your home kitchen"...

Eating is a real pleasure for you? Cooking means time to relax, to enjoy and to be creative? You are looking for "inspiring and user-friendly recipes and a platform to share them on"? 
Kitchen Stories is an app, that gives you the tools to easily create a delicious meal. Interesting videos will give you an inspiration and impression of what you could be able to do - step by step explanations will make it easy for you to follow.

Both young founders Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao have put their idea into praxis to make "your home kitchen your favorite place to be again. [...] The app offers hundreds of creations in simple, searchable categories. [All the] recipes have been developed by top chefs exclusively for Kitchen Stories and tested by numerous hobby chefs..."

Enjoy browsing the app, finding your favourite receipes and cooking it! And finally - enjoy your delicious meal! 

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Serving cutlery for professional chefs: cake servers and pastry tongs

With a cake shovel you will easily transfer pieces of delicious cakes from the cake stand to the plate, without it toppling over. In order for it to work out on all the different cakes and pastries, backmann24 offers a large array of those practical kitchen helpers in different sizes and forms. You can choose between cake servers made from stainless steel or from food save plastic, depending on your personal preferences. Both materials are of high quality, hygienical and durable. For small pastries like cookies, Petit Fours or savoury dishes like dumplings, we recommend pastry tongs. Made from stainless steel they look timeless and elegant and are helpful tools that come in open or closed variants.

From serving spoons to ice cream scoops

In order to scoop out crispy fresh salads or scrape out sweet and creamy dishes, we have just the right tool for your needs. You can go for a serving spoon from high quality material, with or without a draining option, that you can also use as salad cutlery. If ice cream tops your whole menu as a sweet finish, you find a selection of ice cream scoops in our broad assortment. No matter if with a plastic or a brass handle, for small or big scoops of ice cream, for every preference and need we have the right product.

Everything for the well-equipped kitchen

You have already found the perfect serving cutlery for your needs? Continue browsing through our website, since we offer so much more. From preparing to the last finishing touches to every meal as well as many possibilities to store, transport and preserve foods and leftovers, you will find everything in our online shop. If you need help or have questions concerning our offered products, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are happy to help.