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Cookie Cutters & Cookie Cutter Sheets

Cookie Cutters & Cookie Cutter Sheets

Cookie cutters and cookie cutter sheets

All year round, cookies are well-appreciated on many occasions and on any coffee table. With creative cookie cutters from backmann24 not only professionals but also laymen create wonderful forms that not only taste good but also look very appetizing. The numerous motifs are perfect to craft various edible artworks. The inventive forms made from stainless steel or plastic are food-save, easy to clean and durable for many years. Choose between different sets, each containing a specific pattern topic, or assemble different smooth or wavy cookie cutters. Each of the Sets are of premium quality and will be delivered in a very handy box to make stacking easier. Read more

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Decorate cakes with cookie cutters

Our versatile cookie cutters are perfect to decorate simple or layered cakes skilfully. Bring Marzipan, fondant or icing into different forms and place them on birthday or wedding cakes. With emotional forms like hearts or tears, you will add a personal touch to the baked good. Geometrical forms like stars, leaves or flowers are easy to be combined and give you numerous possibilities to live out your artistic self.

What about a delicious traditional Linzer Torte? With a lattice matrix from easy-to-clean plastic the characteristic pattern is easily recreated. Also exquisite Dutch pastries will be formed with this practical tool and will bring sweet internationality into your cookie box. Topped with a splotch of whipped cream this buttery pastry will taste even better.

Cookie cutter sheets, dough markers and more

With just a few movements you will, thanks to cookie cutter sheets, produce a whole tray with the same or different motifs. Just lay the rolled-out dough on the cutter sheet and use a rolling pin to go over it – and immediately your chosen motifs like chicken, rabbits, shooting stars and others fall onto the tray, ready to be baked. In just a split second even big amounts of cookies are easily made.

Professional bakers will appreciate our sturdy dough markers for bread, bread rolls and baguettes. But also laymen who would like to surprise their loved ones with freshly baked bread, will profit from our professional bakery equipment. For an extended Sunday brunch freshly baked and seductively scented bread with a delicious crust can’t be missing. Bake emperor rolls like a professional with the typical star-shaped pattern – easily made with our dough marker.

Biscuit cutters and more at Backmann24

Discover our broad assortment of supplies for cooking and baking. As a professional supplier for bakeries, pastry shops and gastronomy, we offer everything essential to professionally prepare, decorate and display different kinds of food. You wish to deliver freshly made dishes to your customers, still steaming-hot? Then our premium thermoboxes are perfect for your needs. The right amount of style and elegance are brought to the table with our beautiful plates made from porcelain.

Do you have any questions concerning our cookie and biscuit cutters or other products? Please don’t hesitate to contact our competent team.