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Baking Pans & Muffin Pans

Baking Pans & Muffin Pans

Baking pans & muffin tins for creative baking ideas

Tempting looking cakes or decorative cupcakes are essential on any festive coffee table. To turn your baking ideas into delicious, fruity, chocolaty or even hearty edible masterpieces, the optimal professional equipment for the preparation process plays a vital role. Apart from dough processing tools, high-quality baking and muffin pans should be part of your kitchen equipment. You find everything necessary at the Backman24 store. Professional or hobby confectioner – our assortment of innovative forms for small and big cakes as well as our range of muffin pans guarantee professional results that will regale eyes and palate.

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Practical baking pans and baking matts from silicone

Whereas in the past cake forms were mainly made from sheet metal or aluminium, silicon material has become more and more popular over the last years. Silicon baking pans are both flexible and stable at the same time, plus they are very easy to handle. Thanks to the reliable non-stick material greasing the forms and pans is no longer necessary.

Removing your baked goods from the cake form or the muffin tray without breaking it becomes an easy task – and this already shortly after you have taken them out of the oven since silicon cools down relatively quickly. If, for example, you want to serve hearty muffins oven-fresh and still warm, muffin tins made from silicon are the perfect choice. Backmann24 offers cake pans or muffin pans with different motifs such as boats, small hemispheres or shaped as pyramids to help you make any of your ideas come true.

Uniquely designed pastry capsules for muffin tins

Cupcakes and muffins as decorative mini cakes have long conquered the hearts of everyone with a sweet tooth. No wonder since those little cakes and tartlets offer space for a variety of recipes that are waiting to be tested. Matching pastry capsules to perfectly stage your imaginatively decorated mini cakes can therefore not be missing.

Depending on the occasion and your taste, we offer a broad variety of colourful paper forms that form the base of your muffins and cupcakes. Place the capsules that are bake- and grease-proof into the moulds of the silicone muffin tray and pour in the freshly mixed dough. After the baking process the mini cakes can be removed with ease.

Baking tins and other great products for various baking ideas

Anyone who bakes often knows how important it is to have a base of professional baking equipment for the different tasks during the baking process. The right tools ease the dough processing and turn the decoration into a creative pleasure. At the Backmann24 store you find everything you need to prepare cakes, tartlets, pastries, also bread and bread rolls as well as other delicacies from the oven on a professional level.

Discover our wide range of dough processing tools. In this category you find cake markers in various sizes, dough rollers, dough cutters or cake spatulas and much more. Realize imaginative decorations and specific design wishes of your customers or loved ones with our piping bags, baking brushes and our various decorating tools.