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Gastronorm Containers

Gastronorm Containers

Gastronorm containers for every kitchen

A kitchen without a variety of different gastronorm containers is simply unthinkable today - especially in the professional catering business or in canteen kitchens. For storing and preparing hot food, the practical containers are used wherever food is served or made available for self-service, for example in canteens or a restaurant’s buffet area. The containers can be hung in correspondingly suitable counter systems and - thanks to standardisation - can be exchanged flexibly.

However the containers made of plastic or stainless steel are also of great use and practical in private households. To prepare food or to store it temporarily, the containers are a useful equipment feature of a fully functional kitchen, making it considerably easier to keep it tidy. Read more

Gastronorm containers - one standard proves its worth

Today, when we speak of gastronorm sizes - also known as GN standard - we mean dimensions and size grids which, following the internationally valid DIN 66075 and the European standard EN 631, have been providing uniform standard sizes in the catering industry for decades. Containers for the preparation, transportation and storage of cold and hot, raw, semi-finished or finished meals have defined standard grid sizes and can therefore be used interchangeably in the different areas of the kitchen or serving area.

The gastronorm container in GN 1/1 dimensions is a size of 32.5 x 53.0 cm and is recognised worldwide in expert groups in the gastronomy sector. Various other GN sizes have been derived from it. Just a brief description of the GN size is enough for kitchen professionals to know what they need. Depending on how the kitchen counters and buffet displays are designed, the containers can be freely combined with one another to achieve optimum capacity.

Gastronorm containers and more

At Backmann24 we offer you a selection of high-quality gastronorm containers in different sizes, which are stackable and dishwasher safe. You have the choice between plastic or stainless-steel quality. Different lid and handle solutions round off the range of containers for the catering industry.

If you want to transport the containers in a space-saving way – and temperature-safe if required – simply look for the right solution in our assortment of thermal containers. Our insulated boxes are not only robust lightweights, they also offer perfect insulation, are extremely break-resistant and easy to clean.