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Piping Nozzles

Piping Nozzles

Turn every cake into a work of art with our piping tips

With piping nozzles and piping bags, you will turn any cake, cupcake or other sweet delicacy into a grand masterpiece. Our piping nozzles give you an endless range of possibilities to decorate your cake. Hole tips make it easy to put creamy toppings on your homemade cake, with rose tips you can create rose-like ornaments, star nozzles bring stars on your baked good.

Our piping tip assortment is fit for any professional gastronomy as well as for the kitchen of a passionate baker at home. No matter if you decorate with chocolate, ganache or the all-time classic buttercream, with our premium quality piping nozzles you will have results like a professional confectioner. Give your baked creations the final touch and turn classical cakes or fruit pies into marvellous works of art. Read more

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How to attach the icing tip to the pastry bag? – Kitchen Stories is helping

With the optimal bakery equipment for anyone, it is possible to skilfully decorate pastries and cakes with delicate and filigree ornaments. One important step is to correctly attach the icing nozzle onto the pastry bag. Kitchen Stories, the app that shows you how to cook like a professional in a simple and inspiring way, explains in a video how to handle your piping bag and nozzle. Furthermore, in this app you will find a wide range of recipes and recommendations as well as a young international community to exchange any questions concerning cooking, eating and savouring. Various assortments of baking supplies and utensils can be found in our online shop backmann24.

Premium piping tips

All our offered decoration nozzles are of high quality and, together with the pastry bags from the manufacturer thermohauser, have been in use in professional gastronomies like bakeries, restaurants and patisseries for decades. At backmann24 you can find deco piping tips made from synthetic material or stainless steel. For every decoration project we sell different sized tips as well. Variously shaped tips allow you to create a plethora of ornaments. Exotic and imaginative patterns like sea shells or magnolias are also an option.

In our online shop you can find simple icing tips up to very special variants like the Bismarck filling tip to fill doughnuts or profiteroles with jam or cream. If you can’t decide which model to take or if you’ve just started equipping your kitchen with the essentials of pastry accessories we have a variety of sets. They contain different sizes and shapes of nozzles and come in sachets to keep them neatly stored or in a box to have the tips at hand anytime. We are sure you will find just the right version for your next baking project.

Piping tips – not just for sweet treats

You can use any piping tip for savoury dishes as well. Especially purees look beautiful when decoratively put on the plate as a side dish. Even thick sauces can be put on a plate in patterns with the right decorating tips. In our shop we carry special pastry bags made of thermoplastic material so you won’t burn your fingers while spritzing the hot puree onto the plates. Even cold dishes can be presented marvellously thanks to different piping tips. At weddings or special birthdays, a cold buffet is a classic. Use piping tips to beautify dishes like Russian eggs, where you decoratively put the remoulade cream on the egg halves. If you use our disposable pastry bags, you can spare yourself from the tedious washing-up.

Garnishing and decorating made easy

In our online shop, we carry a range of additional supplies for icing nozzles. Adapters simplify exchanging different nozzles while the pastry bag still contains the mass. For a better and easier cleaning and storing of the piping tips, we have just the right accessories for you: a stand where you can rest the pastry bag, special clips to seal the bags airtight or cleaning brushes for the tips. An essential for decorating pastries is the optimal piping bag. We have a range of different sizes and materials, either disposable or reusable.

Besides our piping tips made of durable plastic or stainless steel, we also offer many other utensils for preparing and decorating cakes and pastries like dough scrapers or pastry brushes. Our cake stands & cake plates turn your cake into a centrepiece on the table. To serve your guests a slice of the delicious pie, premium cake servers are a good choice. Whether you are a professional baker or a passionate nonprofessional, backmann24 provides you with the right supplies and ideas to realize your sweet projects.