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Dough Scrapers & Cutter

Dough Scrapers & Cutter

Dough scrapers for a smooth finish

Baking and confectioning is, even as a hobby, a craftsmanship, that needs a lot of passion, training and dedication. With love and an eye for details simple ingredients are turned into imaginative fancy cakes, that don’t lack colours and decoration. For a flawless result, it’s inevitable to equip the kitchen with a range of baking utensils and dough scrapers are amongst them. In our online shop we have this necessary kitchen aid in different versions, materials and colours. We are sure you will find just the right baking tool in our shop to begin your journey of becoming a pastry chef.

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Simple yet thoughtful

Dough scrapers and cutters in our assortment fulfil various tasks during the baking process and are crucial in every well-sorted repertoire of any hobby and professional baker and confectioner. They help to scrape out mixing bowls and baking dishes cleanly . Thanks to their shape they get every single bit of dough or cream out of the form. This not only minimizes the cleaning process, it also prevents the waste of condiments. Dough or cream scrapers are also a good choice when it comes to more filigree tasks like putting butter or chocolate cream or other variants of icing on cakes or tartelettes. thermohauser dough scrapers have a special bevelled scraping edge that is fit even for professional purposes. Depending on the model, our scrapers have smooth or structured edges, thanks to which you can easily scrape patterns on the surface of the icing or cream and create beautiful effects on your cake or pastry. All scrapers from thermohauser are dishwasher-proof and heat resistant (for more information see the specific product details) so that you can even work with hot masses for a short while.

Myriads of forms and patterns due to just the right dough scrapers, spatulas and cutters

We offer professional equipment to help you fulfil your cake dreams. In our shop you can choose from many different products that are all manufactured thoroughly and are of professional quality, regardless of the material. Thanks to different sizes and serrated blades you can conjure numerous patterns on any pastry or cake. Furthermore, the very specific forms of our dough scrapers make it easy to completely scrape out all baking forms or bowls. Find your ideal baking and cooking equipment today at backmann24!