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Delivery bags / delivery rucksacks

Delivery bags / delivery rucksacks

What is one of the, if not THE, most important rating criteria when selecting a food delivery service? It isn't primarily the price but the quality of the food when it is delivered to the consumer! Was the delivery fresh, hot and crisp? Is the salad crunchy and cool? Do the dishes look as I would expect a suitable lunch or evening meal to look?

Only if all these expectations are met will a customer consider ordering from this delivery service again. And that is the key to success for every caterer and food business with a delivery and collection service. We can make a big contribution to meeting these expectations with our range of delivery bags and rucksacks, which have been developed and manufactured specifically for delivery services and pizza takeaways. The delivery rucksacks are ideal for transporting things by bicycle or motorbike but are also a practical option for car deliveries. Read more

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Lightweight, waterproof and with excellent insulation – deliveries are made easy with delivery rucksacks and bags

The delivery rucksacks from thermohauser are made using sturdy polyester fabric with a partial vinyl coating and feature high-quality workmanship. This gives a delivery service a practical accessory, which is sturdy, robust and highly durable while also being lightweight and easy to handle. Depending on the chosen model,wide, individually adjustable straps or a practical handle make the rucksack or bag very comfortable to carry, even when it is fully loaded. Excellent visibility is ensured thanks to carefully positioned reflective strips – which is absolutely vital for staff safety, particularly during the darker months of the year or in bad weather conditions. The concealed zips are designed to be particularly robust and able to withstand rough handling when speed is of the essence for a delivery.

Due to the excellent insulation properties offered by the delivery rucksacks and bags, food and drinks are kept at a stable temperature throughout the delivery process. Cleaning the delivery rucksacks is incredibly easy – just wipe them out with hot water and a cloth, and they are ready for use again. If the delivery rucksacks are no longer needed at the end of the shift, they can be folded down to save space when being stored.

Various designs are available – from the large XL rucksack model to a salad bag, to the drinks bag.

XL delivery rucksack – for large trips

As its name indicates, the XL delivery rucksack is ideal for transporting several pizza boxes or meal trays at once. Prefect for "big trips", for example if staff at a company want a delivery for their lunch break ... The rucksack has a comfortably padded strap, which can be individually adjusted to fit the back of whoever is using it. It also has a practical handle, which can be used to carry it like a bag. The back section is specially padded to make it more comfortable. Reflectors are positioned on all exposed surfaces, for greater visibility and to ensure added safety in traffic. Inside the XL delivery rucksack, a partition element can be positioned at any height thanks to hook and loop fasteners, for example to create separate warm and cold areas. A transparent, waterproof external compartment is ideal for storing delivery notes and menus. But you could also use this compartment specifically for your advertising by inserting a specially designed promotional poster, which can be changed at any time. An external pocket with hook and loop fastener offers additional space, for example for chilled drinks.

Salad bag and drinks bag – practical accessories for the XL delivery rucksack

In addition to the XL delivery rucksack, two other practical delivery bags are available from the Backmann 24 online shop. These can be used separately or in combination with the XL delivery rucksack. The insulated drinks bag is ideal for cold cans of drink. It is also closed with a zip and comes with optional partition pieces for the inside. The salad bag is the perfect equipment for transporting side salads or desserts, for example, and is equipped with a handle and zip fastener. Both these bags are also made from polyester fabric with an interior made from polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA), for guaranteed stability, robustness and excellent insulating properties.