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Baking Tools

Baking Tools

Baking tools to create culinary delights

Bakers and confectioners deal with dough processing on a daily basis. To get this work done easily and above all successfully, professional baking tools are essential. You will find these utensils in highest brand quality from thermohauser at Backmann24. They are specially adapted to the requirements of the professional gastronomy business and therefore meet high standards regarding hygiene, durability and reliable longevity.

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Creating delicious cakes – starting with processing the dough

After all ingredients are mixed together, it is important to roll out the dough smoothly and evenly. With a pastry roller made from plastic or wood – no problem. To prevent bubbles in the dough, special dough dockers in different sizes come in handy. A lattice matrix helps you to create a perfect Linzer cake with its traditional grid pattern on top. With our lattice matrices your cake will not only taste heavenly but also look stunning.

Dough processing tools and other useful utensils for baking

Is the delicious cake cooled down and ready to be eaten, it is time to cut it into even pieces and present this masterpiece to your customers or guests. Professional cutting frames and cake dividers prevent the cake from getting mashed during the cutting process. Discover our wide assortment of baking utensils like cake rings, piping bags or baking brushes that are the perfect kitchen helpers for you to realize any baking project – no matter if professional baker or passionate layman.