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Combi Junior GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP
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Combi Junior GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded Polypropylene (EPP), black
  • outside dimensions: approx. 63 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
  • inside dimensions: approx. 53.5 cm x 33 cm x 40 cm
  • weight: approx. 3 kg
  • volume: approx. 70 litres
  • 10 slides for stacking GN-containers and / or GN-trays
  • perfect to be used with 2 GN-containers 150 mm + cooling plate

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Combi Junior GN 1/1 Thermobox – The front loading junior insulation box – a full-grown... more

Combi Junior GN 1/1 Thermobox – The front loading junior insulation box – a full-grown professional

If you have a look at the front loading boxes in the GN-size from thermohauser, it is now about the junior version of the classic insulation box Combi GN 1/1, a model which is smaller. Nevertheless the insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1 is a full-grown professional for everyone who counts on every centimetre. This box also combines perfectly the positive properties of a Gastronorm (GN) 1/1 insulation box with the special feature of loading from the front – a huge advantage for kitchens and the catering industry.

The insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1 is another transportation and insulation box, oriented on the Gastronorm (GN) 1/1 basic size. 10 slides are installed inside the box with a regular distance to each other. It is about your requirements if loading prepared trays for a buffet or different GN-containers with fresh dishes. For example, this insulation box is ideally suited for the use with two GN 1/1 containers 150 mm and an additional cooling or warming plate.

As soon as the box is fully equipped, the front door is to be inserted easily and brought into the right position. An absolute advantage: This is possible at any time, even if the boxes are loaded and in stacked position – a common case where there is a lack of space, for example in kitchens or at event locations. If the transport of warm and cold dishes at the same time is required, you can simply put the included separation part into the insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1 and separate the dishes.

Insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1 made of EPP – Best insulation effect by default

The insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1 consists of expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is a foamed plastic with especially brilliant insulation properties. This box keeps warm dishes warm and cold dishes cold, even during medium and long term transport. Furthermore, EPP is characterized by its lightweight and its break stability and resistance. This is a relevant plus, since the boxes are very heavy if filled with prepared trays or GN-containers. The cleaning of the box is a simple and fast procedure: cleaning with running hot water and some detergent.

Well thought out accessory complements the insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1

A fully loaded insulation box Combi Junior GN 1/1 reaches a considerable weight – too heavy to carry it over longer distances from the delivery vehicle to the kitchen or to the event location. For this reason, there are adequate accessories like the suitable dolly made of aluminium which was designed with appropriate side rails to guarantee the ideal stability of the box. Other spare parts are the door and the separation part which are available separately – therefore you don't have to worry if some parts of the box will get lost or damaged during your hectic daily working routine. Finally, the thermohauser product range includes suitable cooling or warming plates that help to maintain the temperature level within the box and thereby ensure to meet the relevant requirements.