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GN insulated boxes

GN insulated boxes

GN insulated boxes – the helpful accessory for the catering industry

They are handy, practical and correspond to DIN Euronorm 631 – GN insulated boxes. Fixed standards in commercial kitchens, canteens, catering, and even nowadays most private households mean that standardised kitchen and transportation materials are very popular on the market. A Gastronorm insulated box with usable dimensions of 53.0 x 32.5 cm is particularly sturdy and low-maintenance and is ideal for combining with other GN components. This makes it easy to integrate existing kitchen items such as trays, containers, cooling elements etc. for use in these temperature-sensitive transportation boxes. Ensure a professional appearance at upcoming events, serving cold and warm dishes in absolutely perfect condition and impress your customers with your quick, organised service using your new GN insulated boxes. Read more

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Large selection of top-quality insulated boxes

The GN insulated boxes can be bought at Backmann24 and all feature the same fundamental GN dimensions. All the insulated boxes in this category are suitable for use with GN-standard products, such as stainless steel trays, Gastronorm containers or stacking systems. There is a large selection, designed to meet your need for top-quality insulated boxes. Different heights are available in the range at our online shop, as are various handle and lid options. Our range also includes customised solutions, such as insulated boxes with internal containers, folding insulated boxes and GN boxes for front loading. Boxes that are the same basic shape are generally stackable. The highly insulated EPP material makes these insulated boxes incredibly sturdy and lightweight while offering excellent insulating properties. The insulated boxes are very durable and can be cleaned quickly and easily after use, either under hot running water or in the dishwasher.

The right insulated box and matching accessories at Backmann24

You decide which of our GN insulated boxes is right for your particular requirements! Of course, our online shop also stocks matching accessories, such as dollies, cooling elements and spare lids. If you have any questions, we would be delighted to help. Just contact us by telephone or email, or use the simple contact form at Backmann24! Don't hesitate, choose your GN insulated box today and you can have temperature-controlled transportation straight away!