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Disposable Piping Bags

Disposable Piping Bags

Disposable piping bags for marvelous décor

Baking is not just something you do because you love it, but also high craftsmanship with a lot of techniques to learn and acquire. A beautiful lettering or skillfully handcrafted cream topping turn every cake into a masterpiece everyone’s eyes will lock on. In order to achieve that, you not only need some practice and patience, but also the perfect equipment: a piping bag. With a piping bag you place sweet creamy hearts on a cake or also lace-like fine symmetrical decoration. If you don’t need piping bags on a regular basis, disposable piping bags might be a perfect alternative. We offer those made from hygienic foil (polyethylene) for one-time use only. They convince due to high quality and hygiene and can be used immediately. After using it, you only need to throw them away. Can creating your own cake dreams be easier?

Piping bags are mostly used for decorating cakes and tartelettes. But there are more areas of application: savoury dishes can be turned into edible artworks with these bags, when for example draping potato puree on a plate next to the main dish. Read more

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Disposable piping bags for hygienic and efficient decorations

There are a lot of advantages of piping bags made from plastic foil. On the one hand, the use is, thanks to the tear-proof and non-slip material, conceivably easy. On the other hand, disposable piping bags save you a lot of time, since you don’t need to clean them. While a reusable piping bag time-consumingly needs to be washed out, to keep them hygienically clean after every use, you can throw the disposable variant away. Concerning hygienic factors, a disposable bag wins over reusable ones. Leftover creams or purees can easily be stored and put into the freezer until you need the mass the next time. Explore our assortment of piping bags and convince yourself of the advantages of a disposable one.

Piping bags for a one-time use are perfect for multicoloured décor

Our disposable piping bag model Double makes it possible to decorate with two different cremes, purees or coloured masses in just one step. Even if you wish to use more than two colours for an ornament, disposable piping bags are always a time saving alternative. Two colours in one bag gives you double the amount of time to realize your decoration ideas. One package contains up to 100 bags. Enough to create many cake dreams.

Additional supplies for ambitious projects

Depending on which kind of decoration you plan on realizing, our online shop offers an immense array of supplies like piping nozzle of many different forms – simple round nozzles, star shaped or flower shaped nozzles, and even whole sets of diverse nozzle sets. If you work with different colours or patterns at the same time, our piping bag stands are a must to hold one bag while you use the other one. In case some puree or crème is left over, special piping bag clips prevent the masses from drying out, while they are stored in the fridge.