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Plastic cake plates

Plastic cake plates

Plastic cake stands – elegant but effective serving options

Your cake has turned out perfectly and is a delicious masterpiece.
All you need now is the perfect way to present this culinary triumph. Plastic cake stands and platters are ideal for stylish presentation and serving. They look attractive without becoming a visual distraction and offer the perfect context for delicious cakes and pastries. Plastic cake stands and platters are available in various sizes and designs. It goes without saying that these items are hygienic and safe to use with food. Read more

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Set the stage for your cakes and pastries

Plastic cake stands and plates are an effective way to present all kinds of cakes, not to mention other sweet items, and even savoury canapés. Various models are available, some of which include tilting and rotating functions.
A rotating, tilting, plastic cake stand works particularly well for a buffet or in your shop window, allowing you to work effectively in a very restricted space. Particularly in combination with fixed, shallow cake stands, you can create a relaxed, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and draw people's attention to what matters most: the delicious baked items!

Plastic cake stands – professional quality for everyone

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, these cake platters offer exceptional quality and functionality. They are made using plastic that is approved for use with food and are manufactured to a very high standard, which means they are easy to clean and ensure impressive hygiene characteristics.
After use, just put the cake stand into the dishwasher or wash in hot water. The surface of these products is impressively robust. This pays dividends particularly if these cake stands and platters enjoy frequent use, because they continue to look attractive for a long time.

As well as using these cake plates to serve delicate pastries and delicious cakes, you can also use them for refrigerated storage. In this case, a matching cover is recommended as hygienic protection and to maintain the freshness of your wonderful baked creations.

Cake plates and plenty more at Backmann24

In addition to cake stands and platters, our range includes lots of useful utensils for kitchens and bakeries. Both amateur and professional bakers will find exactly what they need in our comprehensive product range. Whether it's piping bags or dough scrapers, balloon whisks or mixing bowls, standard knives or palette knives, our online store offers all the utensils you need for baking and decorating cakes and pastries, not to mention conjuring up delicious savoury dishes. And if you need temperature-sensitive transportation for your sophisticated food products, the insulated boxes in our range are the ideal choice.