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Storage Tins & Dosage Bottles

Storage Tins & Dosage Bottles

Storing leftovers safely and air-tight

No matter if amateur or professional chef in a restaurant, in every kitchen it is crucial to have a well sorted and comprehensive equipment of kitchen utensils, as for example storage tins as well as dosage bottles to store and use liquids. Our air tight storage tins are an innovative piece of kitchen equipment with a lot of advantages. Not only can you store any kind of dishes or leftovers, sweet or savoury, but also protect them from turning bad when storing them in the refrigerator or the cold storage in any gastronomical facility. Storage tins make it easy to store foods hygienically and well portioned. Dry foods or non-perishable groceries and foods can be stored in your kitchen cupboards neatly as well, since our offered storage tins can be stacked on top of each other. Tidiness in your kitchen made easy with the help of backmann24.com. Read more

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Hygienic and space-saving storage tins

Keep your dry stock fresh with a whole array of storage tins. All tins are made from high-quality, off-white plastic, are shatter-proof and harmless due to the food safety of the material. The lid is air tight and therefore preserves your food over a longer time. If you opt for ordering several of our storage tins with a capacity or 2 or 3 liters, we recommend ordering the fitting wall hanger, also in our stock. Up to six storage tins fit into it.

Storing and dispensing liquids with dosage bottles

Also discover our range of dosage and squeeze bottles with pumps. You find them in different sizes, round or square shaped. No matter if Ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings or fruity purees, with these dispensers all kinds of liquids are neatly and hygienically stored in those bottles. Thanks to the practical pump, it just needs a push on the dispenser and the containing liquids can be squeezed out in precise amounts without splashing, similar to conventional squeezing bottles. Dispensing just the right amount of sauce or puree is very easy with our offered dosage bottles. They are made from food save and transparent plastic and are fit for any professional gastronomy to precisely dispense any kind of edible liquids. They can be used in technical jobs or laboratories as well.

In our online shop backmann24.com you find, aside from storage tins and squeeze bottles, a wide range of any gastronomy supplies like pastry brushes, thermo boxes, cake scrapers and much more.