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Catering crockery for food distribution systems

Catering crockery for food distribution systems

Catering crockery – elegant and practical

As a professional delivery service or caterer, you want to supply your customers with top-quality, delicious meals. What you need is a first-rate food distribution system, which reliably keeps meals warm until they are served. It is also essential that nothing leaks during transportation and all components reach their destination in flawless condition.

That's why Backmann24 offers high-quality set-meal and side-dish containers plus matching silicone lids, which have been specifically developed for a functional single meal distribution system. These robust bowls come from the well-established Seltmann Weiden company (a renowned porcelain manufacturer with an international reputation) and are produced using elegant white porcelain. Your customers will appreciate the attention to aesthetics as well as flavour – after all, we eat with our eyes, too! Read more

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Catering crockery – tailored to meet your needs

To meet your specific requirements as closely as possible, we offer set-meal bowls in different sizes and designs. Choose between square and round shapes, and between options with different subdivisions for the separate components in a meal. Extra deep designs are ideal, for example, for transporting and serving hearty stews.

Would you like to offer side dishes, salads or desserts in a stylish, separate bowl? In which case, our tasteful side-dish bowls are the ideal choice. These provide a secure container for filling side dishes, such as potatoes or rice, or for vegetables that are packed with vitamins. Both the elegant set-meal bowls and the side-dish bowls come with matching, tightly sealing silicone lids, offering a professional solution for delivering pre-cooked meals of all kinds to your customers in perfect condition.

High-quality catering crockery and plenty more at Backmann24

Thanks to its particularly robust design, the attractive catering crockery from our range is perfect for daily use. An especially tough glaze significantly reduces the risk of breakages for all these receptacles. In addition, the porcelain can be used in the microwave or conventional oven with no problem. For quick, hygienic cleaning, the bowls and silicone lids can simply be put through the dishwasher.

To ensure your freshly prepared meals in high-quality set-meal and side-dish bowls reach your customers safely, efficiently and at the correct temperature, we also recommend our stackable thermal boxes made from highly insulating EPP. The various designs are ideal for storing different porcelain containers and are the ideal basis for a professional, well-functioning food distribution system. Discover our other products for the preparation, decoration, presentation and transportation of all kinds of food and baked items. As a professional equipment supplier for the catering sector, we have everything you need to make your daily job as a chef, baker, confectioner or caterer easier – always offering unbeatable brand quality at a fair price.