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Saint Honoré Piping Tips

Saint Honoré Piping Tips

Saint Honoré piping nozzle – for stunning cake decorations

The St. Honoré nozzle was developed to create perfect decorations for the classic French Gâteau St. Honoré.
But it is also excellent for decorating other cakes and pastries. Whether you are decorating using buttercream or cream, the St. Honoré nozzle lets you add the perfect finishing touch to your cake in no time, achieving a decorative effect that looks like it has been produced by a professional.
Our product range includes various designs of Saint Honoré nozzles – come and take a look.
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Saint Honoré nozzles let you make creative, individual decorations

Various designs and sizes of Saint Honoré nozzles can be found in our online shop. As for which particular nozzle is most suitable for your project, that is entirely up to you. With the right nozzle, you are investing in an indispensable, basic baking utensil for your kitchen. You can decorate cakes and tarts, add the finishing touch to delicious cupcakes, and pipe delicate cream decorations. It is almost irrelevant what substance you are using. Because all sorts of creams and icing can be piped using Saint Honoré nozzles. Be creative and bold and serve your favourite baked items with a creative artistic flourish.

The nozzles are made from stainless steel. This ensures excellent durability and unbeatable quality. In years to come, you will still be using these tools for artistic decorations on your cakes and tarts. They are made as a single piece and are approved for use with food. Cleaning is also straightforward because stainless steel is so undemanding in this regard. If necessary, you can even put the nozzles in the dishwasher.

Saint Honoré nozzles at Backmann24

Backmann24 is the place to go for bakery and catering requirements. But ambitious hobby bakers will love our products just as much as those working in the catering industry. Browse our extensive range at your leisure and be inspired. We offer you a broad selection, high quality and fair prices. You will also find suitable piping bags in our range, plus other accessories such as pastry brushes and dough scrapers. Any questions? Contact our expert staff, who will be delighted to advise you.